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Designs for Health

Activists for health
Rooted and united in science.

Designing a Well World  

Designs for Health believe in science-based nutrition and natural medicine and developing health products without compromise.  

They fight for the day that natural medicine and the science of nutrition stand at the forefront of the healthcare landscape. Here, holistic thinking comes first.  Functional medicine becomes conventional medicine and supplements and lifestyles converge and a wellness epidemic begins.
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The Science First Difference

he Science First concept includes product ingredient selection, raw material sourcing, product formulation, potency regulations and assurances, dietary recommendations, delivery methods, and education. Our Science-First principles guide all of our decision-making processes, from product ingredient selection to packaging.

In addition, all DFH supplements and products are:

- 100% gluten-free

- Free of all forms of soy protein

- Include NO artificial sweeteners

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TruTG™ Fish Oils

Designs for Health fish oil products carry the TruTG™ seal – assuring that all of the fish oils have an unmatched TG potency and delivered in the form found in nature, consistent with the Paleolithic nutritional philosophy. Products with our TruTG™ seal are 90-100% triglyceride-bound omega-3 fish oils – 40-50% higher than the industry standard for TG fish oil concentrate products.
This process is vital because it removes the ethanol backbone and re-esterifies the omega-3 fatty acids to a glycerol backbone.

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The folate cycle shows a need for more natural folates in nutraceutical formulas.  Designs for Health’s folate products feature true folates, rather than folic acid.
We remove all synthetic folic acid found in the naturally occurring forms of folate from all Designs for

Health products. Designs for Health products are made up of folate in the active form 5-methyltetrahydrofolate (5-MTHF) or forms that can be easily converted into 5-MTHF such as 5-formyltetrahydrofolate or calcium folinate.

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